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Who is Inflection Point Agency?

We partner with mission-oriented organizations to drive profitable, positive impact in the world. How? We marry market intelligence with intelligent marketing to cultivate powerful strategies, messages, and content that resonate. We change hearts, convince minds, ignite passions, foster a sense of place and purpose, and scale adoption of ideas, technologies, and solutions. As a boutique, full-service firm, we focus on branding, marketing, communications, and content—along with requisite support services such as media relations, graphic design, writing/editing, and multimedia/digital production—to create inflection points for our partners and in their industries.

Our Advantage

We’ve been a part of teams on the inside of NGOs such as Rocky Mountain Institute and Audubon International, private-sector companies such as Panasonic and Coronal Energy, and magazines and other media outlets. This insider’s experience gives us invaluable perspective on your challenges and opportunities, and how to craft strategies, messages, and content that resonate with reporters and target audiences.

Couple this with our deep subject matter expertise and recognition as thought leaders in renewable energy, sustainability, and the like, and you’ve got a powerful combo. Whether we’re your primary agency of record or a complement to your existing generalist marketing agency, we know the content—with the technical accuracy and industry nuance that really matter.

Mainstream marketing firms may be good at generalist deliverables, but they often lack critical subject matter expertise, which means the strategies, messages, and content they bring to the table doesn’t always meet your standards, adds revisions, adds cost, introduces inefficiency, wastes precious time you don’t have, and worst of all, risks undermining your brand’s credibility in the market. That’s where we shine.

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We’ve hung our hat—indeed our entire brand via the company’s name—on generating inflection points… for mission-driven organizations, for their brand recognition, for their marketing and communications and by extension their business or initiative or program, for creating positive change in the world. By that measure, we believe our track record driving impact and results speaks for itself.

It’s one thing for an agency such as ours to make a claim. It’s another to make a claim and name drop a few recognizable clients. It’s still another—and the ultimate litmus test—to point to concrete examples that prove the claim. We do. The impact isn’t exclusively ours; not by any stretch. That credit also rests with the incredible organizations, teams, and individuals we’ve had the privilege of working with.

But we’re also confident that if you browse our portfolio of experience, you’ll be persuaded to take a closer look at how we can partner to drive your success.

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When we talk about the power of crafting compelling messaging and marketing and communications strategies… When we proclaim a passion for content-rich, insightful thought leadership and people-centric narrative storytelling in myriad forms… When we claim a deep alignment with mission-driven organizations, especially in the realms of sustainability and the environment, renewable energy, cleantech, smart cities, and related fields… It’s because we mean it. Said another way, it boils down to authenticity in and passion for this work.

This work at the nexus of a) branding, marketing, communications, and editorial/content and b) mission-drive work is a fundamental part of our DNA, right down to our origin story and the earliest genesis of what would ultimately become Inflection Point Agency.

We also quite simply walk the talk. IPA founder Peter Bronski has driven an electric vehicle since 2014 (first a Nissan LEAF, now a Tesla Model 3). Our office is retrofitted with LED lighting and a smart thermostat. We’re 100% powered by renewable energy via REC purchases. In our own direct way, we’re helping make the planet a better, more-sustainable place, even as we partner with mission-driven organizations to help them do the same.

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Our Approach & Services

  • YOUR PARTNER: your mission is our mission, whether as your primary agency or as a complement
  • BRIDGING STRATEGY AND IMPLEMENTATION: developing the plan, then operationalizing to drive results
  • BRAND POSITIONING: including core messaging, competitive differentiation, and tagline development
  • MARKETING: including strategy, tactics, marketing automation
  • COMMUNICATIONS: including internal, external, stakeholder, donor, member, and other comms
  • CONTENT: developing timely, insightful, relevant, and authentic content and thought leadership
  • MEDIA RELATIONS: amplifying your brand, message, and impact in mainstream and trade earned media
  • SUPPORT SERVICES: including writing/editing, graphic design, digital/multimedia production

Who We Work With

We're focused on working with mission-driven organizations across the private sector, public sector, and nonprofit/NGO landscape in B2B, B2G, B2C, and B2B2C environments. They include renewable energy developers, cleantech companies, utilities, trade associations, local governments, lifestyle and outdoor brands, land trusts, environmental and sustainability nonprofits of various flavors, and many others.

Our sweet spot includes industries such as: renewable energy | cleantech | smart cities | electric vehicles | smart mobility | corporate sustainability | green building and real estate | environment and land use | outdoor recreation and wilderness | water | agriculture | food and health.

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Our History

Whenever possible, a company should have a great origin story. This is ours. Though Inflection Point Agency's birth certificate officially says October 2017, our origins date back nearly two decades to the late 1990s.

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