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Today Inflection Point Agency, LLC—a boutique firm focused on branding, marketing, communications, and content for mission-driven organizations—announced its birth. Founded by Peter Bronski, a veteran of sustainability-minded organizations such as NGO think-and-do tank Rocky Mountain Institute and tech giant Panasonic, Inflection Point Agency will seek to partner with like-minded organizations in the realms of renewable energy, cleantech, smart cities, corporate sustainability, the environment, and related fields.

"Since the inception of my career, I've always been pulled toward mission-driven work," explained founder and CEO Peter Bronski. "Launching this agency is an exciting inflection point of its own for me, to be able to leverage my marketing, communications, and editorial experience to help mission-driven organizations of all types—private sector, public sector, nonprofits—strengthen their brands, develop powerful marketing strategies, tell compelling stories, and ultimately, have a positive impact on the world."

Inflection Point Agency is actively seeking new clients. For more information, please contact