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Publicly launched in February 2015 with 28 founding members, the Business Renewables Center focuses on accelerating corporate procurement of large-scale, off-site wind and solar energy. As the marketing and communications director on the core team that launched and grew the BRC, IPA Founder Peter Bronski established the organization's brand position and tagline, Corporate Renewable Energy Procurement: Faster, Easier, Better. In just one year—by March 2016—membership had more than tripled to 90 companies with a collective market cap in the trillions. (By October 2017, membership had surpassed 210 companies.) Launching a members-only newsletter aided retention, while a robust editorial calendar leveraging owned media, including a regular blog, and earned media pitching strengthened the BRC's brand recognition in the market and supported membership growth.



Business Renewables Center

What We Did

  • Brand Positioning
  • Tagline Development
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Member Communications
  • Editorial / Content Marketing
  • Media Relations


  • 200% membership growth in 1 year
  • Apr 2014: Bloomberg New Energy Finance FiRe Award
  • Nov 2016: Utility Dive "Company of the Year" Award Nominee

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